Spring Trend Alert: Lace It Up

Spring Trend Alert: Lace It Up
Spring Trend Alert: Lace It Up

  For the dainty and the feminine, the ethereal lace piece is a wardrobe staple.

For the every day woman, lace has become an item that needs no more introduction.

The lace garment can play the lead star, the supporting act, or even the cameo-either way, it’s still going to look amazing.

With the spring/summer season now in our midst, clothes made with lace material have been racking up their appearances in various fashion spreads and ad campaigns.

The thing we love the most about lace is its flexibility.

As said earlier it can be the main star, or just the supporting act; it could be the whole show, or just segments of it.

Simply stated, it’s nearly impossible to reach overkill when it comes to lace.

You can wear an entire lace top or a top with minor lace detail and it will still look good.

Here, Sandara is wearing the O’2nd x Lottie Moss Cardigan at the Second Society Launching Event.

As you can see, the lace gave a whole different feel to the usual design of a cardigan.

This piece is not entirely made of lace, save for the sleeves.

Heck, you can even pair lace with lace and it still wouldn’t look weird and costume-y.

Sooyoung totes pulled off this lace on lace look with this blouse and trouser pair from Maje.

Lace is an excellent choice for dresses and skirts.

It adds a bit of sophistication to any dress or skirt ensemble, and makes the overall look feel regal.

Finally, while white or pastels might be the preferred color(s) of choice for lace clothing, don’t be afraid to do a little experimenting.

Check out this beautiful Chloé Guipure Lace Midi Dress in green.

  *** What about you? What’s your favorite lace piece? Comment below!  

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