Soohyun Shares Surprising Reaction After Knowing Eli’s Marriage

Soohyun Shares Surprising Reaction After Knowing Eli's Marriage

Soohyun Shares Surprising Reaction After Knowing Eli's Marriage

Recently, Soohyun of UKISS had just took the opportunity to share his emotions and thoughts about the marriage of Eli. In the KBS 2TV’s “Mr. House Husband” episode last March 1, Soohyun, together with Jun went on to visit their fellow group member Eli in their house together. His family was also there with him. In the episode, Eli unveiled the reason why he was unable to give her a wedding. The reason turned out to be that he was still unprepared, though this was not directly implied.
With this, he then went on to do something else, and had instead taken a multitude of wedding photos. Meanwhile, Eli’s wife added that she really wanted to have a wedding ceremony. According to All K-pop , Soohyun then later commented and said that he was indeed very disappointed in knowing what happened about the supposed wedding. The young K-pop idol then added that the timing wasn’t really that good. On the other hand, Eli still shows his soft side as he says that he still carries with him an apologetic heart. He holds no grudges or any kind of hatred towards someone else. Eli shows his gratitude towards his fans, as he says that he totally understands why they were disappointed at him. According to Soompi , the couple will do the very best of what they can to raise their sons properly, in hopes of also making them future K-pop idols. Soohyun finally says that the happenings are the perks of being a K-pop idol. He stresses out that being a popular and famous celebrity is not really that easy, knowing that it is very likely and that there is a very big chance that things wouldn’t turn out perfectly. Hopefully, Soohyun and Eli will patch things up, together with his wife. To a better future for them.

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