Sons Of Anarchy Recap: Season 7 Cast Heartbreak? Plot & Trailer Review [SPOILERS]

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 star Jimmy Smits, known in character as Nero, has revealed information about the “heartbreak” surrounding the last episode “Suits of Woe.”

“From this guy who I really perceived as being somebody who’s very solid in a lot of ways in this kind of outlaw world, there’s a sensitivity to him but he’s a kind of guy-guy, that was an interior little boy moment that was able to kind of peek through,” he said, according to Entertainment Weekly.  “I think it was because of the relationship.

When two people are in love-real love-you’re able to let down all of those guards that you put out there for the world.

What the audience sees physically that moment is, ‘Stop the lies.

No more deceit between us if we say we love each other.’ That’s what I hope that moment conveys.”  Sons of Anarchy’s most recent Season 7 episode has revealed a number of plot secrets: Jax and Winsome’s steamy romantic relationship was perhaps among the most talked about.

Fans also responded to the Tig and Venus’ “steamy evening together,” as TV Line writes, following footage of Juice spending time in prison.

“Still, perhaps no relationship on Tuesday’s episode is more poignant and heartbreaking than that between Tig and Venus, which starts out as the laughing-stock of the Aryan Brotherhood and ends with an incredibly moving conversation between the two lovers,” the website writes in a review of the Season 7 episode.

“Earlier in the hour (and after the sheets had cooled), Tig suddenly shut Venus out, telling her he wasn’t sure if he’d see her later that day.

But when Tig returns to Venus’ place later that night, Ms.

Van Dam tearfully acknowledges the obstacles that stand between them.” The television series following the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club has been praised for its actor’s performances.

It has also earned significant popularity on Netflix.

A number of rumors on spoiler forums have been suggesting more scenes focusing on Tig and Venus.     

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