Sonnet Son’s Cover Of ‘Let It Go’ Makes It Into Semi-Final Round On U.S.Online Poll

Singer Sonnet Son ‘s cover of “Let It Go,” has gained much attention in the U.S.

On Ryan Seacrest’s website, a poll for the best cover of “Let It Go” is being held and Sonnet Son’s cover has made it into the semi-final poll.

On April 1, the person with the most votes will be named the winner.

Currently on the poll, Sonnet’s photo is seen on the front page along with the other 3 remaining semi-finalists.

Sonnet first released her cover video in February and has been receiving attention all over the world.

Even though she has no U.S.

promotions going on, she has been seen on ‘Entertainment Weekly’ and ‘Hollywood Reporter’ as the only Korean artist.

On the other hand, she will be releasing a new single on April 1.

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