Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate their salary from ‘Running Man’ to charity

Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate their salary from 'Running Man' to charity

Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate their salary from 'Running Man' to charity

Two “Running Man” cast members Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate the remaining of their payment from the show to charity. Their decision is announced by their respective agency, Make You Company and Maroo Entertainment. Their decision was revealed on Monday, Dec. 19 as reported by DongA News . Song and Kim who were rumored to be dating came to mutual decision and announced it through their respective agencies. “Both Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook have agreed to put together the fees from the show between next week and the end of the program in February for society,” the official from Song’s agency Make You Company said.
While official from Kim’s agency Maroo Entertainment also confirmed their plan as reported by Yonhap News Agency . Maroo Entertainment released the statement confirming that the two cast members had agreed to use their fees “for good” in consideration of last week’s events. The production team of “Running Man” was under heavy fire last week after the mishaps concerning their plan to launch the Season 2 of the seven-year old variety show. Following the departure of the member Gary in October, they plan to reboot the show with a new cast member. Later on, the news broke out last week that Song and Kim were reported to leave the program which they have been shooting for seven years. Subsequently, it is unveiled that neither SBS nor the “Running Man” production team had informed the respective parties. This triggered a backlash from public toward the show. Following the outrage, Kang Ho-Dong who was cast in the “Running Man” Season 2 announced his rejection to join the show. In order to avoid further damage, SBS decided to end the show after February 2017. Last week’s episode of “Running Man”  aired on Sunday Dec. 18 invited girl group Black Pink as the guest. The show which relies upon its guest to attract viewers still struggled to captivate the audience with its content, especially after the scandal. Watch the preview the Episode 462 as Black Pink member Jennie showed her aegyeo to the cast member Kwang-Soo below:.

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