Somi’s Story: Fail In ‘Sixteen,’ A Victory In ‘Produce 101’ & Why Produce Rhan Jhun Had His Eyes On Her From The Start

Somi's Story: Fail In 'Sixteen

Somi's Story: Fail In 'Sixteen,' A Victory In 'Produce 101' & Why Produce Rhan Jhun Had His Eyes On Her From The Start

Somi has got a long way before finally being an artist. Having failed in “Sixteen” to debut with other trainees for Twice, she finally succeeded in new survival show “Produce 101” and debuted in IOI. Even though Somi is still very young, she has been struggling to debut. She has a strong desire to take the fame because she has worked hard. After being a trainee for two years and five months, she joined “Sixteen” to battle up the spot on the new girl group TWICE. She failed because JYP thought that she needed more time to mature, reported Koreaboo .
Even though she failed on “Sixteen,” she said that she wasn’t jealous of other members and tried her best in “Produce 101.” Often being called Somivita for Somi vitamin due to her bright personality, other trainees could be friends with her in a short time. After hard work and showing improvement, Somi finally emerged as the winner, taking the center spot in I.O.I. Recently, producer Ran Jhun revealed why he had taken interest in Somi from the start. He said that Somi was humble, had a bright personality and is also full of talents to make her fit to become a celebrity,  Allkpop  reported. After IOI ended, Somi then joined “Sister’s Slam Dunk” to learn more and make a girl group with other members. Even though she has signed a contract with JYP Entertainment and no longer a trainee, but she still felt nervous because she hasn’t debuted as a soloist or in a girl group yet. She once opened up about her insecurities as a singer for her voice was different from others, reported by Soompi . Somi felt grateful to be in “Sister’s Slam Dunk” because she can learn more in singing and improve her techniques. Having a hectic year with IOI doing her best in variety shows and hosting, Somi has shown how hard she tried to make her debut as a singer. Fans cannot wait to see Somi’s journey to success.

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