Somi Reveals Story Of Rebellion On ‘Happy Together 3’

Somi Reveals Story Of Rebellion On 'Happy Together 3'

Somi Reveals Story Of Rebellion On 'Happy Together 3'

Jeon Somi is really young starting her career in entertainment. Even though she is really popular, she is still in the phase of her puberty. Recently, she revealed to have been smacked with a frying pan by her mother when she tried to rebel. Somi shared her story when she was a guest in “Happy Together,”  which aired on Mar. 30. She said that she hasn’t gotten to the puberty stage just yet and revealed that once she was smacked by her mother. It started when Somi went home really tired after a full schedule. She was asked by her mother about her activities and other questions because she was curious. But Somi didn’t want to talk and then expressed her irritation. Her mother then smacked her with a frying pan because she was mad, AllKpop  reported.
Hearing Somi’s story, the host believes that she has already experienced puberty. Thus, Jeon Hyun Moo said that it was puberty for Somi. It seems that Somi is still so innocent as she is still young. She once easily shared her story about being dumped by her boyfriend after dating for just a week, Koreaboo  reported. It was due to her lack of showing love that her boyfriend asked for a breakup. Hearing that, unnies asked Somi to say some nice words for her boyfriend. Somi ended up revealing the name of her ex, which made everyone laugh. After I.O.I.’s disbandment, Somi decided to join “Sister’s Slam Dunk” and she has been doing well in the show. Even though she is popular, she also has worries about her career because she hasn’t officially debuted as a singer under JYP Entertainment. Thankfully, the vocal trainer spotted her worries and gave good advice for her. Somi even fell in love with his gentle encouraging advice. She once said that she needed to live with the vocal trainer to get better lessons, AllKpop  reported. It was a joke Somi said but it showed how pure and bold Somi was. Somi has been through a lot at such a young age but her efforts have brought her this far. She has many fans who are ready to fully support her. With her struggling with puberty, she is still innocent and everyone likes her for her honest thoughts.  

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