Some Of Girls’ Generation Members Showed Their Support For Taeyeon’s Concert

Some Of Girls' Generation Members Showed Their Support For Taeyeon's Concert

Some Of Girls' Generation Members Showed Their Support For Taeyeon's Concert

Several Girls’ Generation’s members were spotted showing their support for Taeyeon. They came to cheer Taeyeon’s solo concert. Sooyoung posted a photo on her Instagram showing the close relationship of the members. Taeyeon had her solo concert on May 12 at Seoul’s Olympic Hall. With the title “PERSONA,” she will have a three-day concert in Seoul. After finishing her concert in Korea, she will continue her solo concert in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Bangkok. On the same day, Sooyoung posted a photo of her, Tiffany, Yuri, Seohyun, and Taeyeon on her Instagram. All the girls were smiling widely at the backstage. The picture showed the close relationship of Girls’ Generation members, AllKpop  reported.
Taeyeon was really happy to have some of Girls’ Generation’s members to support her in her solo concert. After releasing “Fine” as the title track for her solo album “My Voice,” Taeyeon received an all-kill, Soompi  reported. “My Voice” is the first full-length album from Taeyeon. Previously, she has released some mini albums for her solo, like “I,” “Why,” and many more. This is the big success for Taeyeon to receive an all-kill for her first full solo album. Taeyeon will have her Asian solo concert to promote her solo album “My Voice.” The ticket sales have begun on Apr. 11. Previously, SM Entertainment posted two photos on Girls’ Generation’s Twitter. Even though they were in code, but fans could decode it and revealed Taeyeon’s concert in Seoul, AllKpop  reported. Taeyeon has a unique sweet voice that differentiates her from other singers. She can hit the high note and it is no surprise that she is the vocal in Girls’ Generation. In her latest title track “Fine,” Taeyeon once again showed her steady voice. Taeyeon was not only good in singing the song “Fine.” She also did the acting for the MV really well. Many fans cannot wait to have Taeyeon in their country for Asia Tour “PERSONA.” She will head to Asia countries after May 14. Read Next: IU’s Bodyguard Recently Got Some Attention After His Pictures Went Viral

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