‘SOMA’ Horror Game Has 92,000 Copies Sold But Isn’t Enough To Break Even

'SOMA' Horror Game Has 92

'SOMA' Horror Game Has 92,000 Copies Sold But Isn't Enough To Break Even

“SOMA” horror game makes a surprising reveal.
There have been a lot of gamers waiting in anticipation for the “Soma” horror game release. When the game went live, the developers were hoping that the game would do well especially because of the development costs to make the game as great as it can be.

The game, however, was able to sell 92,000 copies. According to Gamespot, Frictional Games did the unthinkable and revealed their hard sales numbers. This is something that developers do not usually do but they did it anyway and boasted how their 92,000 copies sold is good enough to pay the company’s bills for a good two years.
While the sales numbers look good considering the game was released 10 days ago, on Sept. 22 for PC and PS4, and that the “Soma” horror game is selling around 2,000 per day. The game needs to sell around 276,000 units for the studio to be able to earn back what they had initially spent.
According to IGN , Frictional Games isn’t completely disappointed as “Soma” did better than the previous games released by the company. “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” sold only 20,000 within its first week while its “A Machine For Pigs” sold a whopping 120,000 units of the game
For those unfamiliar with the game, “Soma” is a sci-fi horror game where machines have started taking a life of their own in an underwater facility PATHOS-II. Players must be able to survive and make it back to the surface; however, there will be too many dangers to face.
“Soma” is available for $29.99 for PC, Mac and Playstation 4.

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