Sohee Shares Grief And Disappointment After ‘Wonder Girls’ Disbanded

Sohee Shares Grief And Disappointment After 'Wonder Girls' Disbanded

Sohee Shares Grief And Disappointment After 'Wonder Girls' Disbanded

For the first time, Sohee of the Wonder Girls has opened up about her feelings regarding the breakup of her group. The group officially disbanded last Jan. 26. It was really one of the most surprising and disappointing news that the K-pop world has heard of. Ahn So-hee will star in an upcoming film titled, “Single Rider”. In the movie’s press interviews, Sohee expressed her feelings regarding the disbandment of the Wonder Girls. According to Korea Herald,  Sohee says that she was very grateful that her former group members came to the movie’s premiere. She then adds that she can’t help but to shed tears inside the locker room after seeing that the former Wonder Girls were there all along waiting for her.
She then confirms that she, together with the members of the group that the disbandment is eminent and that they have prepared for it, despite it being a very heartbreaking moment. However, one of the most surprising thing that Sohee said is that she was more affected emotionally when she left the group, more than the disbandment itself. Despite it, Sohee still wished the best of luck to her former group members, a testimony that the Wonder Girls share a strong bond with each other. According to Soompi , the Wonder Girls formed in 2007 and debuted into the K-pop industry with the single, “Irony”. In no time, they gained superstardom thanks to their hit singles, “Nobody” and “So Hot”. They also had their big comeback last July with “Why So Lonely”. This shows how fast their popularity grew. Then again, this is thanks to their charm, talent and wit in performing their songs. With this, one can then see that Sohee has indeed grown into becoming more of an independent K-pop idol. With her new movie, she had indeed proved that she can do it herself.

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