‘Smite’ Patch Update Is Ready For Halloween With New Skins, Goodies And A New God

'Smite' Patch Update Is Ready For Halloween With New Skins

'Smite' Patch Update Is Ready For Halloween With New Skins, Goodies And A New God

“Smite” patch update has a lot of new goodies for players.
The latest “Smite” patch update was just announced by Hi-Rez studios and will soon be available in the live game. Right now it is still being tested, however, details regarding the latest patch has already been revealed.

There are a number of things to look forward to but the biggest aspect of the update is the addition of Sol, a new character that is a ranged Mage who can increase the amount of damage she can do over time by “using abilities and landing basic attacks.”
Smite Game further outlined what the new god will be able to do. She has a number of different abilities such as “Passive: Unstable Manifestation,” “Radiance,” “Stellar Burst,” “Disapparate,” and “Ultimate: Supernova.”
There will also be new God skins to try out such as “Supernova Sol,” “Ravana Mastery Skins,” and even a “Grim Mariachi Loki.” An update tutorial, updated God cards, item changes, god changes and more.
Since it is the month of Halloween, the game also has an event perfect for the occasion. Players will definitely notice the change in the Arena décor and the map will have spooky music, themed decorations and more to fit All Hallow’s Eve. Even a Hallowen Chest gives players the chance to unlock past Halloween content and earn some new skins.
Another interesting Halloween detail is that when gods die they leave behind a tombstone.
The “Smite” patch update will be available on PC on Oct.6, as reported by Gamespot. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an announced date for Xbox One.

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