SM Entertainment Patents The Name ‘Boys’ Generation’

SM Entertainment Patents The Name 'Boys' Generation'
SM Entertainment Patents The Name 'Boys' Generation'

It was revealed that SM Entertainment patented the name ‘Boys’ Generation’ earlier this year – what’s not clear is there motive for doing it. 

On November 15, 2014, netizens uncovered that SM Entertainment had patented the name “‘Boys’ Generation” earlier this year.

Public records have confirmed the news that t he finalized patent was created this past June , but the company’s motivation for making the patent is still unknown.  Speculation online points to two possible scenerios.

Many people are currently suggesting that the reason behind the patent is to prevent a different entertainment company from creating a group name similar to SM’s talented girl group, Girl’s Generation, in order to cash in on their popularity.  Although, SM Entertainment debuted two new groups this past year, Red Velet and Beat Burger, the patent could also hint that SM might release another group under the name “Boys Generation” sometime in the near future.

After all, as many netizens have pointed out, there are all the SM Rookies still left.  Currently SM Entertainment is focusing on the recent solo debuts Zhoumi and Kyuhyun.

Both Super Junior members (Zhoumi being of the Chinese sub-unit Super Junior-M) were met with a favorable response from the public.

Even with several recent controversies swirling around other artists on the label (former EXO members Kris and Luhan, as well as Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation) and drop in stock prices, SM Entertainment continues to be a strong force in the Korean entertainment industry.

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