Slash Talks New Album ‘World On Fire’; Former Guns ‘N Roses Guitarist Says ‘It’s All Rock ‘N Roll’

Slash’s new album “World on Fire” has been released and the former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist says “it’s all rock ‘n roll.” Rock fans have been served Slash’s new album on September 16 but there apparently has a lot of backstory to the record, which the rocker was more than willing to share.

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Slash opened up about working on the album with Miles Kennedy and The Conspirators, saying: “There was that spark that happens when everything just falls into place and you enjoy everybody’s company and you’re just having a really good time and the band just seamslessly knows what to do together.” He also discussed how “World On Fire” differs from his previous musical effort “Apocalyptic Love,” saying: “The last record was actually performed in its entirety live with almost no overdubs.

Just raw.

This one was actually done live again, but then I went back in the studio and did the guitars in the control room and sort of controlled the sound of it.” Known for his riffs, Slash shared that songs in the new album will have an abundance of them.

“I’m a riff guy,” he told USA Today.

“Even as a kid, way before I started playing guitar, I always gravitated toward songs that had a cool guitar or paino riff, some sort of instrumental melody.” Apart from Slash’s new album, one thing to look forward to from the rock legend is a theme music he wrote for Universal Studio Hollywood’s annual Halloween Horror Nights maze.

“Clown music has a certain rhythm to it, a ¾ timing, and a certain sway that you recognize,” Slash said.

“I took that and came up with a cool melodic riff that fit that and some other melodies to go with it.

It’s a theme that runs through the whole thing, but it has different dynamics as you go through different sections of the maze.

I’m very proud of it.”

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