‘Six Bomb’ Update: K-Pop Girl Group Turned Their Plastic Surgery Into A Musical Concept; Details Here!

'Six Bomb' Update: K-Pop Girl Group Turned Their Plastic Surgery Into A Musical Concept; Details Here!

'Six Bomb' Update: K-Pop Girl Group Turned Their Plastic Surgery Into A Musical Concept; Details Here!

Although it is no secret that the prevalence of plastic surgery in the South Korean society is overwhelming, latest updates reveal that members of a K-pop girl group took it a step further with their latest set of releases. Reports state that the relatively unknown group called Six Bomb went under the knife and then documented the change for two of the singles belonging to the “Becoming Prettier” subject. One of the subtitles of the singles was titled “Becoming Prettier Before,” the other was titled “Becoming Prettier After.”   It is reported by Billboard that Six Bomb started teasing their fans about the “Becoming Prettier” project with the release of “Becoming Prettier Before” in February. The girl group also teased fans with a music video that revealed the four beautifying themselves and visiting a plastic surgery clinic for a consultation.  
However, fans were unsure what Six Bomb were really up to until earlier this week, when the girl group started teasing their next single, titled “Becoming Prettier After.” Meanwhile, reports state that it is not completely clear whether the four members of the Six Bomb girl group actually underwent plastic surgery.  Yahoo reported that the girl group released a teaser video that literally introduced the Six Bomb member’s new faces on Tuesday, Mar. 14. The teaser video was released with a video featuring the girls dancing with their faces covered in bandages. Fans believe that the video is a confirmation that the members of the girl group had indeed undergone plastic surgery. The report also revealed that the four members of Six Bomb were shown comparing their former appearances and their updated one.  The Six Bomb girl group released “Becoming Prettier Before” on Thursday, March 16 in Korea, in which they revealed their new faces through the upbeat single. It is also reported that the members of Six Bomb revealed in an interview with the Korean news outlet, Star News before the song’s release, that they spent almost 100 million KRW, ($88,600) for all four members to get plastic surgery.  They revealed that three of the Six Bomb underwent extensive work from the waist up but they did not clarify specific procedures. The fourth member of the girl group only had a nose job. Six Bomb members also revealed that they unanimously originated the idea to have plastic surgery and then worked actively to include it into their music and videos.  Members of Six Bomb are not the first K-pop celebrities to admit to having plastic surgery done. However, it is reported that they are the first to utilize it as a marketing strategy for their song and also incorporate the process in their music videos.  

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