Siwan Revealed ‘Soju’ As Secret Behind Perfect Skin During ‘One Line’ Press Conference

Siwan Revealed 'Soju' As Secret Behind Perfect Skin During 'One Line' Press Conference

Siwan Revealed 'Soju' As Secret Behind Perfect Skin During 'One Line' Press Conference

  Siwan of ZE:A revealed his beauty secret during a press conference held on Feb. 27 for his upcoming movie “One Line”. It’s not a beauty product, it’s soju! According to All Kpop , during his press conference for his upcoming movie “One Line”, Siwan revealed how he takes care of his appearance. It’s not an expensive beauty product though but instead, soju. Soju is a clear, distilled beverage with a low general alcohol content that ranges between 22-24 percent. It is made primarily from rice but was banned due to South Korea’s rice shortage from 1960 to 1990.
Since then, soju distillers used alternatives to rice such as sweet potatoes, wheat, and barley to create the beverage. Soju is also called “Korean Vodka” because of their similarities. Soju, however, has a sweeter taste because of its added sugar. “When I had mordant parts to film the next day, I drank soju instead of beer,” said Siwan during the “One Line” press conference. “I get things on my face with beer, but when I drink soju, I feel like my skin gets tighter.” Siwan will play as a “con artist” in the upcoming movie “One Line” with Wang Ji-won. As previously reported , the movie is about a group of scamming individuals that run a large-scale insurance scam. Siwan’s character will start as an innocent college student. But as he is recruited into the group, all his innocence will be swept away. Siwan’s character will eventually have a manipulative talent. This is not the singer’s first movie, however, as Siwan also appeared in the movie “The Attorney” and “Hooligan”. Siwan also appeared in “A Melody to Remember”, a 2016 war drama film with Go Ah-sung. He even appeared in Korea’s cable series “Misaeng”. Siwan also won the Best New Actor during the 9 th Max Movie Awards and 3 rd Marie Claire Film Awards in 2014. He also received countless nominations from several awards giving bodies.  

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