Sistar’s Soyou Reveals She Underwent Plastic Surgery

Sistar's Soyou Reveals She Underwent Plastic Surgery

Sistar's Soyou Reveals She Underwent Plastic Surgery

Sistar’s Soyou is no doubt one of the prettiest and hottest female K-pop idols. However, she surprised everyone as she reveals that she had undergone plastic surgery. Though this is not an uncommon procedure for K-pop idols to go through, she still surprised a lot of her fans as she is originally known to be all natural. During one of her recording sessions, she reveals to the public that she can’t stand all of the hate comments that are directed at her. Soyou says that she keeps reading all of the negative comments and things about her, and it has made her self-confidence go low.
She says that she was heavily affected by it, and so she decided to lose weight. However, despite her doubling and even tripling her effort to lose weight, it didn’t come out successfully. Because of it, she decided to go to a plastic surgeon. According to All K-pop , Soyou reveals that she had decided to undergo plastic surgery to fix her mouth, which she finds a little bit big. Being a K-pop idol and as a part of one of the most popular K-pop girl group in the world, Sistar, she needs to see to it that she will look good, especially that her face and her mouth are the focus of attention on her performances. According to Scoop Nest,  Soyou then adds that she has also had underwent plastic surgery for another part of her body. There’s nothing really wrong if a celebrity, or let alone a K-pop idol undergo plastic surgery. In the entertainment industry, physical looks are as important as the skills and talents of a celebrity. Because of this, apart from her sheer talent in singing and dancing, Soyou also wanted to look really good. It’s not just about dealing with all of the haters, but it’s also about improving herself in the most literally way. Let’s wish Sistar’s Soyou the best of luck in her career and personal life.

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