SISTAR’s Hyorin And Wonder Girls’ Yubin Diss Each Other On ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’

SISTAR's Hyorin And Wonder Girls' Yubin Diss Each Other On 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'

SISTAR's Hyorin And Wonder Girls' Yubin Diss Each Other On 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'

On the most recent episode of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” which aired on October 9th, Yubin of the Wonder Girls’ and Sistar’s Hyorin had a rap battle on stage to see who would get the opportunity to be on an upcoming track with Dok2 and The Quiett.

To be part of the track, the contestants had to win one-on-one diss battle.
The final rap battle, and the one that drew the most attention from viewers, was between two idols, Hyorin and Yubin. 
Yubin got things started first, when she called out Hyorin by saying she couldn’t write lyrics and rhymes. She continued “Congrats on finally succeeding after getting kicked out of JYP, try to figure out what the reason was. I’ll make you fall, parachuter.” 
In response, Hyorin started rapping and did not hold back. “My raps are a steel grater, I’m going to completely grind you up and eat you.”
However, Yubin soon made a mistake in her lyrics, and the judges took this into consideration during their final evaluation.
In the past, Hyorin was recruited as one of the top trainees in JYP, but she left due to personal circumstances. She was originally supposed to be in a group with EXID’s Hani, Secret’s Song Jieun, and  Bestie’s Uji. 

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