SISTAR’s Hyolyn And Red Velvet’s Seulgi To Appear In ‘High School Rapper’ Finals

SISTAR's Hyolyn And Red Velvet's Seulgi To Appear In 'High School Rapper' Finals

SISTAR's Hyolyn And Red Velvet's Seulgi To Appear In 'High School Rapper' Finals

Just recently, a list containing all of the K-pop celebrities to appear alongside the finalists of “High School Rapper” are sent out. However, the list is not yet confirmed which is why the ones listed there are not yet assured to really be appearing alongside the talent show’s finalists. According to Soompi , Mad Clown and SISTAR’s Hyolyn will be joining Kim Sun Jae in the show. However, it is safer to expect Mad Clown to really be there as he is the mentor of Kim Sun Jae. Meanwhile, Jo Won Woo will be getting help from Samuel Seo and Nucksal, who is best known to ace his rapping skills.
On the other hand, Don Mills and G2 will appear in time for Lee Dong Min’s performance. Kim Kyu Hyun is also reported to be joined by Jessi and Babylon, who are both his mentors. Reports also suggest that Seulgi of the girl group, Red Velvet will help Mark of NCT, while Choi Ha Min will be bringing his other rapper friends to perform with him in the stage. Just last March 24, the “High School Rapper” contestants had an intense one-on-one rap battle which had been the turning point of the talent show, as it was during that stage that the finalists were to be chosen. Surely, the competition between  the contestants of the talent show is becoming stiffer and stiffer as time goes by. And with  a little help from their K-pop idol mentors, the contestants will surely have the guts and talent to bring out the best of what they can. The finale episode of “High School Rapper” will be on March 31. Surely, this will be an exciting and exhilarating rap battle contest as the contestants will be performing together with some of the hottest K-pop icons, including SISTAR’s Hyolyn and Red Velvet’s Seulgi.

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