SISTAR’s Bora Shares Thoughts About First Movie

SISTAR's Bora Shares Thoughts About First Movie

SISTAR's Bora Shares Thoughts About First Movie

Recent reports claim that Sistar’s Yoon Bora, is up for her big time debut in the big screen, with an upcoming movie entitled, “Sunkissed Family”. Bora is said to be having her own role in the movie, which would show that she has transitioned from her musical career into also becoming an actress. Surely, she shows that she is versatile enough to keep up with her tight schedule. According to KBS , the film still doesn’t have its final title, but for now, it is titled as “Sunkissed Family”.
The story revolves around a happy go lucky family that gets to experience a weird turn of events that somehow makes the movie even more funny and interesting. Meanwhile, Sistar’s Bora is said to take up the role of a smart girl who knows how to make the most out of her life. However, things get a little bit spiced up when she learns that a boy has a crush on her but she really doesn’t like him. As of now, the management agency of Bora, Starship Entertainment, releases a statement that Bora still haven’t officially confirmed that she will take up the role. With this, one can see how Bora is taking precautionary steps to see whether it is really a fit and perfect role for her, considering that it is going to be her first time to appear in a movie. Hopefully, she gets to consider it as it will surely be a big and positive milestone in her career in the K-pop industry. Currently, she is still reviewing the offer and checking whether she’s really into it. Though it might be her first ever movie, it isn’t her first time to experience acting. She started making her own name in the acting industry in SBS’ drama, “Doctor Stranger”. Lee Jong Suk was her leading man in the drama series.

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