Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats, Tips And Tricks: Collect Donuts And Have The Biggest Springfield In A Smaller Amount Of Time

Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats, Tips and Tricks can be found all around the net but this is the list of the easiest way to get donuts for the game.

Donuts are important part of the game which can get you to buy more money or even special statues, establishment or building to make your own Springfield a beautiful one.

Here are some Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats, Tips and Tricks: Buy Donuts! If you can afford to use your real money to buy in app purchases particularly the donuts where you can buy a boatload of donuts of 2,400 for $99.99, a store full of donuts worth 900 for $49.99, a truckload of 300 donuts for $19.99, a tray of 132 donuts for $9.99, a stack of 60 donuts for $4.99 and a dozen donuts for $0.99.

Level Up! Every time you level up gets you donuts.

Wait For Special Occasions! Every time there is a special occasion may it be Superbowl Sunday, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other events, Simpsons Tapped Out gives out donuts whenever you update your app.

Always remember to update your app.

Clean Up Springfield! Cleaning up Springfield not only would make your town clean but it could also give you donuts.

Asking Homer or Lisa to clean up your town could give you loads of donuts if you do it often.

Free 10 Donuts and a statue! On Homer’s task list click Homer 10 times and you’ll be rewarded with a Jebediah Springfield statue and 10 donuts.

A little Easter egg from the creators.

If by any chance you experience any problems with your game, contact EA for your problems and in return, not only would they fix the issue for you but they would also give around 20-30 donuts.

Opening the Mystery Box could give you donuts.


Burns has a lot of money, and a lot of donuts too.

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