Sigourney Weaver Spills Avatar 2 Movie Plot Details, But Don’t Get Blue Over It; James Cameron And Sam Worthington Dish Avatar Sequel Updates

As the Avatar 2 movie comes closer to hitting the big screens, fans and press have been clamoring for plot details.

Cast in the next few Avatar sequels, Sigourney Weaver, the star of Aliens, has been dropping hints on her transformations and permutations.

Online leaks of the Avatar 2 movie has news followers going back to old interviews to piece together any clues to the Avatar sequels.

Aliens star Sigourney Weaver is returning as Dr.

Grace Augustine, the scientist researching indigenous life on Pandora.

Augustin and Stephen Lang’s Quaritch died in the last Avatar movie, oh I guess that was a spoiler, so the return of Weaver’s character is a mystery.

Weaver spoke to Vulture about shooting all three Avatar movies back-to-back.

“It’s going to be an adventure! It will be awesome.

I can’t even imagine what I am taking on –  and what James Cameron is taking on – with filming three ‘Avatars’ at once, but …

Peter Jackson did it with the ‘Hobbit’ films, so we have that to look to,” Weaver told Vulture.

Sigourney Weaver threw hints like “I can’t talk about it, but my part is a little different in each one.

I’ll transform somewhat.” Two months ago, James Cameron, who directed Titanic and Avatar, two of the biggest box office hits in history, took to a Reddit Question & Answer session to spill that the scripts for three sequel movies for Avatar were just about finished, so pre-production is on-schedule.

Filming begins this December in New Zealand.

“They’re essentially all in pre-production now because we are designing creatures, settings and characters that span all three films.

And we should be finished with all three scripts within the next, I would say, six weeks,” said Cameron.

“We are going to start this time next year and we will do two, three and four.

In one shot, we’ll do them simultaneously.”    

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