‘Shokugeki No Soma’ Chapter 161 Spoilers; Soma Reaches His Peak, 1st Year Chef To Take 1st Seat?

‘Shokugeki No Soma’ Chapter 161 Spoilers; Soma Reaches His Peak

‘Shokugeki No Soma’ Chapter 161 Spoilers; Soma Reaches His Peak, 1st Year Chef To Take 1st Seat?

Chapter 160 of “Shokugeki no Soma” is now available for reading on Manga Stream . The current chapter is the conclusion of the one-on-one match of Ryo of Cutting Edge Research Society and Rentaro of Central Division. Before continuing with the possible events in the upcoming chapters here’s a brief recap of what happened so far.

Ryo has been declared the winner and to everyone’s surprise, Azami was in attendance. He confronted Rentaro about his loss since he promised to win all his battles. Even though they only lost once, Azami is still disappointed. Alice then confronted Azami about his relationship with his daughter.
Even though Azami accused Alice of stealing his daughter, Alice retaliates that he has practically locked up Erina from the world where she could have a better relationship with her cousin. Alice also expressed her despise on the current system Azami uses in running the school. Erina was in the building when Alice started talking to Azami where she realized that Alice is trying to communicate with her and improve their relationship.
After all the events that happened in the past weeks in the manga, there should be some time off not only in the competition but also for the characters. The emotional reveal of Alice to Azami will be part of the next chapter and Erina will again be in the spotlight.
User Dreamer of Millennium Forums recently revealed the short synopsis and summary of the upcoming chapter, “Erina thinks about Alice’s and Souma’s words…-Souma is able to keep up with Eishi whilst he is preparing a dish…Eishi offers him a place in central after being impressed with him.”
User sharpshoeter23 on Reddit forums speculates that Soma might decline the offer, “he matches Eishi in a cooking demo in class and the 1st seat offers him a spot in Central. I personally say that Soma declines the offer, but we never know…”

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