Shocking! Goo Hye Sun Makes An Amazing Transformation For New MBC Drama Titled ‘You’re Too Much’

Shocking! Goo Hye Sun Makes An Amazing Transformation For New MBC Drama Titled 'You're Too Much'

Shocking! Goo Hye Sun Makes An Amazing Transformation For New MBC Drama Titled 'You're Too Much'

Latest updates reveal that Actress Goo Hye Sun has dramatically transformed into a scandalous cabaret singer for an upcoming MBC drama entitled “You Are Too Much.” On February 24, a still cut was released, which showcased Goo Hye Sun wearing a stunning bright red dress. However, Allkpop reported that even though her outfit and stage seem a little bit primitive, Goo Hye Sun put in the best of her efforts along with her unique charm while filming “You Are Too Much.” Goo Hye Sun was praised by staffs and crew members for her outstanding performance, after filming the scene for over five hours.
In the upcoming drama, “You Are Too Much,” Goo Hye Sun will be portraying the role of a character named Jung Hye Dang. According to the storyline of “You Are Too Much,” Jung Hye Dang who originally has a rich background was forced by her family’s predicament to become a cabaret singer. The business of Jung Hye Dang father – a role played by Kang Nam Gil – fails and his family had to live with what they had, Kenterin reported. Fans are even more surprised at this update as the actress is known to barely even make up her face. Some fans believe that the dress which revealed her arms and part of her legs is a little too much for Goo Hye Sun, but then this might be because she is appearing as a scandalous cabaret singer in “You Are Too Much.” The “Boys Before Flowers” actress has already earn herself a reputation for not making up her face, not only on TV but also in her everyday life. The actress is reported to have an unbelievably milky face color that does not require cosmetics. In the KBS 2TV drama, Goo Hye Sun played the role of a high school character named Geum Jandi, with the staffs of the drama stating that they are surprise to see her really lightly make up face. Goo Hye Sun is receiving so much love from the fans now. The staffs added that it is rare to find female stars who do not make up on their face like Goo Hye Sun. The actress is said to have a great skin that looks great on screen even without make up.  Goo Hye Sun’s popularity also said to be related to her decent looks and acts. However, the upcoming MBC drama “You Are Too Much” is scheduled to premiere on March 4, 2017. Read Next: Park Won And Suzy Have Released More Teaser Photos For ‘Don’t Wait For Your Love’

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