Shiny Gyarados, Kanto Starters Pokemon Distribution Events Announced: ‘Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon’ Release Date Set For Winter 2015

Shiny Gyarados
Shiny Gyarados

While everyone is eagerly anticipating the 2015 E3, a slew of smaller Pokemon-related events have emerged this past week, including two distribution events for Japan.

Recently, a brand new Pokemon Center opened at the Sogo Hiroshima Shop, with its mascot being Pikachu and a shiny Red Gyarados.

In celebration of that, one of the distribution events is a special shiny Gyarados event that will run from June 26 to August 31.

According to Serebii, the event is for “Pokemon X,” “Pokemon Y,” “Pokemon Omega Ruby,” and “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire,” and will be available across all Pokemon Centers and Pokemon stores.

One of the other Pokemon distribution events coming up this summer is in collaboration with Pokemon Lab.

Reportedly, a serial code will be distributed between July 8 and Oct.

12 for the Kanto starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

In order to do so, Pokemon fans must reportedly complete a mission at the event matching Pokemon with their silhouettes and footprints.

Success at the mission will give you the code.

But don’t worry, there is also good news for international Pokemon fans.

According to the official Nintendo website, a brand new Nintendo 3DS game is arriving this winter titled “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.” “Players can look forward to even greater, randomly created dungeons that change each time they enter,” says the press release.

“In ‘Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon,’ players will battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to save the world in a sweeping tale of adventure and mystery.” With nine title already released for the “Mystery Dungeon” series, what else will this super-sized version of the game bring?    

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