SHINee’s ‘Odd’ Album Steps Into Billboard Spotlight

SHINee’s ‘Odd’ Album Steps Into Billboard Spotlight
SHINee’s ‘Odd’ Album Steps Into Billboard Spotlight

SHINee’s Odd stepped into Billboard spotlight.

On May 21st, Billboard’s K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin published an article titled ” SHINee Embrace Old & New Sounds on ‘Odd’: Track-by-Track Review .”  In the introduction, Benjamin explained, “despite initially debuting with a R&B sound, SHINee is arguably most exciting when experimenting – like when they mashed two album tracks together to promote the hybrid remix single ‘Sherlock’ in 2012 or added a pop sentiment to glitchy, industrial EDM on 2013’s ‘Everybody.’ The boy band seems to be aiming for a harmonious blend with vibe of their debut single while still pushing the sonic envelope in K-pop.” Benjamin wrote detailed review of each track as well.

Regarding the title track “View,” he wrote, “SHINee make the unexpected turn into deep house on the chorus of this unexpectedly brilliant single.

While a benchmark of K-pop music is its genre blending, house is rarely heard given its minimal nature.

Yet SHINee add a repetitive, saccharine chorus on here that works exceptionally over the Disclosure-like beat.” For “An Encore” review, he wrote, “the track focuses on the members’ strong vocals and gooey harmonies.

SHINee are one of those bands that feel like a collective, cohesive unit instead of five separate singers placed together – a point that’s tough to reach with male vocal groups, but SHINee’s proven they’re still raring to push boundaries and they’ll do it best together.” For “Odd Eye,” he wrote, “tight harmonies and member Onew’s falsetto howls act a centerpiece to this grooving opener.

A laid back, mature, somewhat sensual mood is created from the Jonghyun-penned ‘Odd Eye,’ setting the scene for a more mature SHINee.” For “Love Sick,” he wrote, “they know how to get a great, soulful vocal performance from the quintet.” SHINee’s 4th studio album Odd was released on May 18th and it has been gaining great popularity in the global music market.

SHINee will continue promoting Odd through MBC Show! Music Core on May 23rd and SBS Inkigayo on May 24th.

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