SHINee Reveal Surprise 2015 Comeback Trailer For New ‘Odd’ Album [VIDEO]

SHINee Reveal Surprise 2015 Comeback Trailer For New 'Odd' Album [VIDEO]
SHINee Reveal Surprise 2015 Comeback Trailer For New 'Odd' Album [VIDEO]

Shawols rejoice as quite shockingly, SHINee has announced their official 2015 comeback.

After speculation based on their upcoming solo concert SHINee World IV, it looks like very soon, new music will be in the hands of their fans.

On May 11, the official SM Entertainment YouTube channel posted the new trailer for SHINee’s 2015 comeback.

The video is pretty mysterious however, featuring a girl dancing with to some music with SHINee posters in the background.

The end of the video features the date of May 18, suggesting the comeback will take place one day after their concert.

So far, fan reactions to the new trailer have been ones of excitement.

“Two years! Two years! We waited for two years and this is what we got! Onew’s arm! I am so excited.

Also, I am really curious about the concept.

I trust SM to come up with something mind blowing,” exclaimed Srijita Pal on YouTube.

Other fans are taking note of how close their comeback as in relation to the many other comebacks slated for this summer including that of Big Bang.

“Well that’s it.

2015 is now officially the best year of k-pop.

Big Bang and SHINee are back,” said TheWellFedBeggar.

According to the official SHINee Facebook, their new album entitled “Odd” will be released at Midnight on May 18.

This will be the group’s fourth full length album following their mini-album entitled “Everybody.” If that’s not enough for SHINee fans, according to Soompi, the group will also be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of “Abnormal Summit.” The episode will air on May 25.

Additionally, members Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin are reported to appear on an upcoming episode of “Hello Counselor.” With a concert, TV appearances, and an album release set, it is clear that SHINee is most certainly ready for a comeback.

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