SHINee ‘Looks So Different’ As ‘I’m Your Boy’ Reaches Maximum Success

SHINee ‘Looks So Different’ As ‘I’m Your Boy’ Reaches Maximum Success
SHINee ‘Looks So Different’ As ‘I’m Your Boy’ Reaches Maximum Success

Boy band SHINee has made one of their strongest comebacks yet in Japan.

The five-member K-pop group ranked No.

1 on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart with their new album ” I’m Your Boy ” for the first time since debuting in Japan four years ago, according to the Korean media outlet Osen Entertainment.

After SHINee’s third studio album dropped on September 24, 45,000 copies were sold in the first week.

The idol group set a new record for themselves following the success of their Japanese album ” boys Meets U ,” which ranked at No.

2 on the music chart after it was released in the summer of 2013.

Now that the album has been released, SHINee fans are awaiting for the music video for the tracks to be released.

“They all look so different, can’t wait to see it!,” commented YouTube user Kale Istaklin on Universal Japan’s page featuring the ” Downtown Baby ” teaser.

SHINee’s new album comes after the group wrapped up their third world tour, which was held over the summer.

Members Jonghyun , Minho , Taemin , Onew and Key launched the tour with performances at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, according to The Korea Times.

SHINee performed their previous hits, including “Juliet,” “Lucifer,” “Ring Ding Dong” and “Dream Girl” during the course of their three-hour concert as well.

The 10,000 fans from around Asia that were able to attend the concerts were reportedly seen dancing and jumping up and down as they supported the group while waving blue glow sticks.

“We were greatly encouraged while preparing for the concert when we heard that all seats including those with partly blocked views were sold out,” SHINee’s lead vocalist Jonghyun said during a press meeting prior to the concert.

The idol member added, “When we were preparing for the concert, we knew what each of us was thinking.

Although we had some challenges last year, I think we are blessed to be loved by so many fans.

Whenever I think of the fans, I am overwhelmed by my feelings.”    

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