Sherlock Season 3 Post-Production To Last Until November: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman Figures Available For Pre-Order

The mystery around the “Sherlock” season 3 air date may be a little clearer, but it won’t be the type of news fans want.

As reported by Sherlockology during a recent blog post for Metro, the primary question regarding “Sherlock” season 3 is also one which has no answer as of yet.

“And at the moment, we simply have to say ‘We don’t know yet ‘ .  It’s not ignorance though; it’s genuinely because there is no date yet and here’s why,” writes Sherlockology.

Because “Sherlock” season 3 only has three episodes, it typically airs consecutively.

But this also means all three episode have to be completed before the series can air.

Due to both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s busy filming schedules, filming for season 3 episode 3 has just finished this month.

As such, post-production is still ongoing for the episode.

“Thanks to the Internet Movie Database, the most popular is October 31 2013, which is definite no-no,” continues Sherlockology.

“We know for a fact that post-production will still be on-going for Sherlock until way into November, which also counts out the second most popular rumored date of November 24 2013 (which would of course be wonderful, a one-two-Who punch for Team Moffat and Gatiss across a single weekend).” This confirms that due to post-production, “Sherlock” season 3 will more than likely not air until December at the earliest.

But worry not, as fans can get their hands on the Sherlock and Watson figures by pre-ordering right now! Available exclusively at Big Chief Studios , these figures at 1:6 scale figures which come with certificates of authenticity.


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