Shannon Says She’d Sign With YG Entertainment If She Won ‘K-Pop Star 6’

Shannon Says She'd Sign With YG Entertainment If She Won 'K-Pop Star 6'

Shannon Says She'd Sign With YG Entertainment If She Won 'K-Pop Star 6'

Shannon who became famous on the hit talent show, “K-pop Star 6”, has just been to a pictorial with bnt, a well-known fashion magazine. In the interview that she had with the magazine, Shannon states that she once was trained as an idol member. In her statement, she says that she prepared a lot in hopes of becoming the main vocalist of a rookie girl group. But because she admitted that she was greedy when it comes to singing, she told her management company to debut her as a solo artist. And because of it, she was grateful that she successfully made it in becoming a solo artist. According to All K-pop , Shannon also reveals that she prefers to be with YG Entertainment if she had won “K-pop Star 6.”
Shannon says that it was because she felt the affection expressed by Yang Hyun Suk, as well as the personal style and trend of music. The young K-pop idol then says that she has a little bit of tomboyish style to her music. But now, she wants to break free from it and wanted to take on the concept of being a girl crush. According to Soompi , Shannon even reveals that she would like to participate in “Running Man” and “Infinite Challenge”, because of the interesting and exciting feel that it has. She then further adds that most people worry about how they look. She says that this is what separates her from the rest because she doesn’t care about how she looks. She just wanted to act and move naturally. With this, she ends her statement saying that she wanted to break the stereotype that people have on girls where they need to look pretty. She’s really more of an outgoing and outdoor type of person. Let’s wish her the best of luck.

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