Shakira Can Handle Baby Sasha And Milan Without Gerard Pique, Instagrams Her Sons

Shakira Can Handle Baby Sasha And Milan Without Gerard Pique

Shakira Can Handle Baby Sasha And Milan Without Gerard Pique, Instagrams Her Sons

Shakira can handle anything with or without Gerard Pique! Her recent Instagram post showed off her two baby sons, Sasha and Milan, in the arms of their uber famous and sexy mother. Let’s hope that Gerard Pique at least stepped in as the photographer!

According to People , “Shakira dropped a major dose of cuteness on Thursday, posting a precious Instagram of her boys, Milan, 2½, and Sasha, 8 months. The sweet portrait shows the “Waka Waka” singer, 38, holding Milan and Sasha on her lap and lighting up with an infectious smile. “With my two real gurus #LoveRocks,” she wrote.”
Sounds like Shakira has enough love to go around for Sasha, Milan and even her long-time partner Gerard Pique.
This certainly isn’t the first time that Shakira showed off her cute family. During an outing in Barcelona, the singer and Gerard Pique showed off their sons Sasha and Milan to the people of Barcelona.
According to Daily Mail , “Shakira, 38, was clearly in here element as she enjoyed a family day out with her 28-year-old husband Gerard Piqué and their boys in Barcelona on Wednesday. At one point Gerard held both Milan, two, and eight-month-old Sasha in his arms as Shakira walked alongside them, full of love for her little brood.”
Seeing how Shakira recently subtly complained that she isn’t getting much aid from Gerard Pique in rearing her two baby sons, it looks like Barcelona player stepped up to the father role on this family picnic.
According to People Magazine , Shakira admits that she is willing to do anything for her baby boys. She admitted that “I’m one of those tiger moms, who is all the time looking for help and information online and researching and reading. It’s not easy to be a mother.”
It is possible that Gerard Pique paid attention to this interview and started chipping in more at home.
Shakira has been had a busy past few months, and not just with Sasha and Milan! “Waka Waka” singer lost all the weight she gained during her pregnancy and also signed onto a project with Angry Birds.
While this is not a surprise, Shakira has also been the main support for her family as Gerard Pique is struggling with his Barcelona suspension. With her baby Sasha and Milan on her hands, she may soon ask her to-be husband to pitch in on the family matters.

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