Shailene Woodley Dishes On Her Co-Stars Ansel Elgort And Miles Teller In GQ! Guess Which One Smells ‘Delicious’

  Shailene Woodley has starred opposite a few dreamy up-and-coming actors over the last few years.

The 23-year-old “Divergent” star covers GQ magazine’s December issue , which named her their 2014 “Crush of the Year.” In the magazine, Woodley talks about a few of her leading men, who have also inspired quite a few crushes among movie-goers this year.

The conversation of Woodley’s onscreen lovers started when Devin Friedman, GQ ‘s journalist, asked the actress how many times she has lost her virginity on camera.

“Five,” answered Woodley.

” The Secret Life of the American Teenager [the hit ABC Family series], Fault, Divergent, White Bird in a Blizzard , The Spectacular Now.” “I guess people like to watch you lose your innocence?” commented Friedman.

“Ha ha! Apparently!” said Woodley.

Friedman then asked whether Ansel Elgort from “The Fault in Our Stars” or Miles Teller from “The Spectacular Now” was the better guy to lose her virginity to onscreen.

“Um,” said Woodley, “both different.” Both Elgort and Teller are also featured in GQ ‘s December issue on their “Men of the Year” list.

So which of the two rising stars smells better? “That’s actually a hilarious question, because on Divergent, Ansel used to wear this really awful-smelling deodorant,” explained Woodley.

“I joked, ‘If you book Fault in Our Stars, just don’t wear deodorant.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, okay.

Fine.’ Then he booked it! So I wear this deodorant that I make myself, and I gave him some of that.

But he just chose not to wear it-he just wore nothing the whole time.

So I guess Ansel smells more pheromone-y and Miles smells more-is delicious an appropriate word to say for a man?” Interesting.

Wonder what Woodley would say about her “Divergent” co-star Theo James?    

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