‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ Movie News; Team Ico Appoints ‘Chronicles’ Director Josh Trank To Work On Film Adaptation – ‘We’re Working On It’

A Shadow Of The Colossus Movie is reportedly in the works as confirmed by game creator and developer Team Ico.

Though no reports about the plot and cast, this game to movie adaptation, which has been in the works since 2009 , will be directed by “Chronicles” director Josh Trank, who is also reported to be working on a Star Wars Spinoff, Fantastic Four Reboot and Venom.

Trank recently revealed his affiliation with the film and hinted that Team Ico has something to do with it.

From Screenrant.com : “I can’t talk about it, but I’ll say just one thing: I got ‘Ico’ as soon as it came out, and I just loved that game so much.

I knew immediately when I read that [Team Ico was] making a new one that I wanted to go out and get it as soon as it came out, too, and it just blew me the f**k away.

A couple of years later, I remember seeing in Variety that it had been optioned.

I must have been 22 or something, and I just knew, ‘Oh my God, if somebody’s doing that, I have to somehow get in there and make sure it’s done the right way.’ It was one of the first calls I made after ‘Chronicle’ came out – when I realized I could make calls about things.

I was like, ‘Hey, what’s going on with that?’ We’re working on it.” With regards of the plot if the movie would be a direct adaptation from the game, Shadow Of The Colossus movie director said: “No, I don’t think so.

I think that games are doing their own thing.

I don’t think it’s a question of better, because it’s just a different experience.

A lot of big sci-fi movies – and I won’t say any particular movies – are made with an awareness of the popularity of video games, and therefore borrow so [many] of the design and visual ideas from those games.

I’m like, ‘Man, that looks like “Mass Effect.” Those look like “Mass Effect” suits.’ And that is not at all original or different.

“I also feel there’s a creative drought in Hollywood right now, because most of the young guys who would come in and be the next young, big directors are all in the video game industry.

I think if the game industry had been what it is now in the ’80s, a lot of those great Amblin [Entertainment] directors and people from that era would have been in games, too.

For more news about the Shadow of The Colossus Movie, its release date and other news, keep it locked in here at Kpopstarz.com.

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