SF9 Released Chinese Version Of Their Latest Song ‘Still My Lady’ Watch Here!

SF9 Released Chinese Version Of Their Latest Song 'Still My Lady' Watch Here!

SF9 Released Chinese Version Of Their Latest Song 'Still My Lady' Watch Here!

Rookie group from FNC Entertainment, SF9, is really talented. They can sing and dance well and their performance on stage is stunning. After releasing the MV “Still My Lady,” they have come up again to release the Chinese version. The agency of SF9 is also the place for AOA. Before SF9, AOA has also released Chinese version of their song. It was “Up and Down” which is really popular in Korea. Following their sunbae (senior), SF9 also did the same. According to AllKpop , SF9 was releasing the Chinese version of “Still My Lady” on the agency official YouTube channel on Feb. 23. In the MV, the members were standing in the room with papers on their hands. The scene was not only that. They also took the recording by singing it in the studio. They sang it well and the MV came out naturally and differed from others. The song is part of their mini album “Burning Sensation.”

After releasing their mini album earlier this year, they have been busy promoting the album. They also come on some music shows to perform their song. Recently, they shared their thought on other artists. According to Soompi , they mentioned BTS as the most anticipated comeback. Their pick was reasonable as BTS has a huge fandom and always tops the charts. Previously BTS and SF9 were having the same time of promotion of their albums. Thus, SF9 has learned a lot from BTS. Also, for this mini album, SF9 is having the same time with BTS for the promotion. Yet, they respect them a lot and want to learn their strategy and hard work. For the music shows, SF9 has been performing “Roar.” The choreography is really powerful and they have improved a lot since their debut. Read Next: YG Posted Both Kang Sung Hoon’s And Nam Joo Hyuk’s Pictures To Celebrate Their Birthdays

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