Seventeen ‘boomed’ on showcase for latest single ‘Boom Boom’

Seventeen 'boomed' on showcase for latest single 'Boom Boom'

Seventeen 'boomed' on showcase for latest single 'Boom Boom'

Last December 5, Seventeen had their showcase at the Blue Square Concert Hall in Seoul, South Korea for their latest single entitled ” Boom Boom. ” The 13 flower boys of Seventeen donned Christmas themed outfits mixed with their swag spirits perfect with the upbeat rhythm of their latest hit.
Fans chanted as Seventeen performed the catchy song “Boom Boom.” When the boys introduced their new song when they performed in the recently concluded 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, fans and netizens alike really liked their new hit which resembled the rhythm of their previous hit songs like ” Mansae ” and ” Aju Nice, ” according to Officially K-Music . During their showcase, fans were amazed with the impressive choreography. As usual, the boys pulled off a smooth sailing performance and consistent formation changes despite their large number on stage. According to an exclusive report by Kpop Map , the Seventeen members truly charmed the crowd as they also had a press conference. Seungkwan , as a natural joker, shared how all of his co-members are getting fitter while he gets chubbier, so he really did his best to lose weight for their comeback for “Boom Boom”. And guess what? He just lost 7 kg! Seungkwan also shared that for their song “Boom Boom”, Hoshi created a new cheer which is “Let’s do it, boom boom”. Seungkwan further elaborated that their group has their usual cheer when they go on stage, but for their latest comeback, Hoshi upgraded it not only because it’s their latest song, but also because the word “boom boom” seemed to resemble their thumping hearts when they perform. Another member who charmed the crowd is Vernon who reportedly seduced the fans by translating all of the titles of their tracks into English in his sexy voice. He further explained the titles and related it to their journey from their trainee days up until today. Well, “Boom Boom” is surely the new LSS-worthy song out there this season. If you haven’t seen the MV yet, check it out below and see the pretty boys of Seventeen.

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