Seven Talented Trainees Who Rank Below 35 On ‘Produce 101’ Season Two Might Get Eliminated

Seven Talented Trainees Who Rank Below 35 On 'Produce 101' Season Two Might Get Eliminated

Seven Talented Trainees Who Rank Below 35 On 'Produce 101' Season Two Might Get Eliminated

“Produce 101” season two will have the second elimination and trainees below rank 35 will be cut off from the show. The voting is over and viewers need to wait for the next episode to see the trainees that survive and not. But, among the current ranking, there are seven talented trainees who rank below 35 that netizens want to survive on the show. There is Hong Eun Ki from GON who is now at rank 38 who is known as the dance king. He can choreograph and he has shown his ability leading “Right Round” team to a great performance. Netizens still want to see him on the show and they hope he can survive from the elimination.
Next, there is Woo Jin Young from HF Music Company who is known for his nice rapping. He has shown a nice skill but sadly he received low rank and people still hope to see him in the next round. Next, there is Kim Dong Hyeon from Brand New Music who is currently at rank 41. He has shown great talents by showing his singing and rapping skills, AllKpop  reported. From Starship Entertainment, there is Lee Gwang Hyun who is currently at rank 43. He is actually good in vocal but in the last episode, he chose rap position to show something new for viewers. He worked rally hard day and night to practice and he gave a great performance on stage. Netizens were surprised that Starship sent its trainee because they thought the company wouldn’t send any, OneHallyu  reported. Next, there is Yoon Hee Seok from Jellyfish Entertainment who is now at rank 45. He showed his great skill hitting the high notes on “Amazing Kiss,” but due to lack of screen time, he received low rank in the competition. Justin from Yuehua Entertainment caught up attention for his cute looks. He rarely got screen time on the show and currently at rank 48. He was doing great dancing “Shape of You,” and his fans want to see him survive to the next round. At last, there is Lee Yoo Jin from Namoo Actors who can sing, rap, and dance really well. Viewers still want to see him because he can be a good leader and he can also compose music. Read Next: BTS’ Jin Went Viral After Being Called ‘The Third Guy From The Left’ At Billboard Music Awards

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