Seth Rogen Turns James Franco Into Man For Lana Del Rey, ‘Honeymoon’ Singer Doesn’t Care?

Seth Rogen Turns James Franco Into Man For Lana Del Rey

Seth Rogen Turns James Franco Into Man For Lana Del Rey, ‘Honeymoon’ Singer Doesn’t Care?

James Franco has been crushing on Lana Del Rey for so long that his beloved friend Seth Rogen decided that he had to do something about it. So for a stunt to raise money for charity, Seth Rogen decided to give James Franco Bar Mitzvah he deserves!

But it looks like Lana Del Rey has not been too impressed by James Franco turning into a real man, in the Jewish sense.
According to Entertainment Weekly , “Seth Rogen sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night’s Tonight Show and told the host about the event his charity is throwing this year: a bar mitzvah for James Franco. Hilarity for Charity raises awareness to fight Alzheimer’s disease, and Rogen said that each year he plans a variety show to raise money.”
And this isn’t something that Seth Rogen is joking about. James Franco documented his ceremony on Instagram to prove to the world {and possibly “Honeymoon” singer) that he is a true man now.

Looks like James and Seth managed to pull yet another Instagram stunt!
But alas, Lana Del Rey isn’t batting her lashes at this comical stunt, on his Instagram, choosing to focus on her music, work and, surprise surprise, her boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini.
James Franco has always been a subject of eternal fascination of the opposite gender, but it looks like Lana Del Rey is the only one that can resist his “mysterious and sexy” charms, as described by Mindy Kaling.
So how can Lana Del Rey resist his charms? Turns out, she already has a boyfriend. An Italian at that.
According to Daily Mail, “Honeymoon” singer took some time to set off on a jet plane with her hot boyfriend.
The article reports, “Lana Del Rey and boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini jetted out of LAX on Thursday. The 30-year-old looked fab in curve-hugging jeans, Chanel flat sandals and a see-through white T-shirt that showed off her black bra.”
After the release of her single “Honeymoon”, which may or may not have been in reference to her future with her current boyfriend, James stopped dropping sly remarks about the singer. According to DIY Magazine, Lana Del Rey was taken aback by the “book” that James Franco will write about her.
She said, “I guess I was surprised there was a book. I haven’t seen it. And I don’t think it’s gonna come out. It’s a cool idea – I think we definitely wanna be in on it and have time.””
He may have been dreaming of a “Honeymoon” with her though, especially seeing how his younger bro Dave Franco just got engaged.

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