Serena Williams Instagram & Twitter: Boyfriend Gossip? China Open 2014 Star Posts New Picture

Serena Williams posted a photo of herself getting a pedicure alongside Caroline Wozniacki, with a caption reading “hair, nails, tennis…

talk,” leaving many fans wondering if she was gossiping about her coach and rumored boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou. 

She posted two mysterious photos on Instagram and Twitter that also left many of her followers wondering if it was related to him.

The first was a picture of a fortune cookie slip with the words “you have a heart of gold” and the second was a picture of a cartoon stick figure holding a heart in the palms of their hands.  Earlier she posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter of a quote which also drew speculation among her followers who were left wondering if it was about her coach and rumored boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou.

“A champion isn’t about how much they win, it’s about how they recover from their downs,” the quote, which Serena Williams penned herself, reads.

She also posted several pictures of herself on Twitter and Instagram hanging out with several of her girlfriends with a caption reading “Girls…ride or die…” Some of her social media followers spread rumors on photo comments mentioning that while she was out spending time with her girlfriends, her coach and rumored boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou may have been jealous.

However, Serena Williams was recently spotted on a romantic date with him, the New York Post’s Page Six reports.

“They seemed very intimate and they didn’t stop chatting all night,” an onlooker told the newspaper.

“They headed back to their hotel after about an hour and a half.”    

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