Serena Williams Bombarded With Praise By Dwyane Wade, Billie Jean King And Boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou: World Number 1 And Coach Go Out For Dinner And Drinks

Serena Williams Bombarded With Praise By Dwyane Wade
Serena Williams Bombarded With Praise By Dwyane Wade

After winning Miami Open, Serena Williams has been bombarded with praise from every famous person, ranging from Dwyane Wade to Billie Jean King, not to mention her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou.

Seeing how world number 1 and her coach went out for drinks after Miami Open, it seems safe to say that Serena and Patrick Mouratoglou are in some sort of a relationship.

According to TIME, Dwayne Wade talked about just how great Serena Williams is as an athelete.

Read an excerpt to the article here: “I first met Serena over a decade ago in Miami when I joined the Heat.

Since then, I’ve watched her grow and dominate in her sport, overcoming adversity to win title after title.

There is no doubt that she has made an incredible impact on the world of tennis, but it’s her determination to never give up that has always resonated with me.” Not only that, she also got praises from Billie Jean King, who lavished praises on the world number 1.

To top all of this, Serena Williams celebrated her Miami Open win with her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou.

It looks like the world number 1 isn’t shy to hide her relationship with her coach.

Seeing how she has rejected that rumor for years, it may be that Serena Williams is getting tired of putting up pretences.

According to Page Six, “Serena Williams celebrated her latest championship at the Miami Open with her coach and rumored boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou at Prime 112 in South Beach on Sunday afternoon.” “Williams won the Miami Open final on Saturday against Spanish native Carla Suárez Navarro 6-2, 6-0, in a match that took less than an hour to complete.” Serena Williams was badly booed at Miami Open, but her boyfriend slash coach Patrick Mouratoglou was there to support her through the fame.

Thanks to Patrick Mouratoglou, the world number 1 is now at the finals, facing Carla Suarez Navarro.

There’s nothing better having your boyfriend as a lifelong coach! According to USA Today, “During a semifinal match in Miami, her home of the last 13 years, Serena Williams was viciously booed at times by pockets of Romanian fans cheering on Serena’s opponent, Simona Halep.

Though there were plenty of cheers for Serena too, it was a disappointing display from the Miami crowd, who never challenged the Halep backers and seemed apathetic to Serena getting booed and trash-talked.” While some discouraging cheers are common in tennis matches, this was a particularly bad one aimed at the world number 1.

The world number 1 hid her relationship with her coach for the longest time, denying every rumor and speculations.

But before kicking off her Australian Open 2015, she became more public about her relationship with Patrick Mouratoglou.

Do you think Serena Williams has more titles to win in 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

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