‘Seraph Of The End’ Anime Episode 4 Review: Mika, Yuichiro, And Kimizuki

'Seraph Of The End' Anime Episode 4 Review: Mika
'Seraph Of The End' Anime Episode 4 Review: Mika


  Episode 4 “Vampire Mikaela” Ever since the first episode, “Seraph of the End” has handled flashback and exposition very well.

Sometimes a lot of series are unable to find a purpose for flashback other than to reveal what appears to be an important plot point.

“Seraph of the End” however makes me really enjoy the device of a flashback especially because of how subtly it reveals character.

And the flashback in relation to Mika is the perfect set up for this week’s episode.

There are a lot of characters that make appearances in this week’s episode, but Kimizuki seems to be the focus.

While I admit that I’m pretty much over male characters that try to act too tough on the outside, but Kimizuki does work well as way to juxtapose the immense growth that Yuichiro is already making.

Although, you may not be able to call it “true growth” as much as it is a show of Yuichiro’s already existing complexity.

Whatever the case may be, I am mostly interested to see how Yuichiro handles a vampire version of Mika after convincing himself that he hates all vampires.

Among the vampire world, the episode stumbles a bit through the goals of the vampires in general.

There is a brief yet interesting action sequence that demonstrates the power of Krul, the Vampire Queen.

She will likely become more important in the coming episodes, but “Seraph of the End” has painted an easy picture of the vampires.

This easy picture could wind up clichéd if not complicated by more explorations of the characters in their world, other than Mika.

Overall, this week’s episode of “Seraph of the End” was fast paced and used flashback well, but otherwise mostly focused on pushing the plot forward.

As such, it was not an episode that I’d consider to be one of the top ranking, but is still ultimately worth watching.


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