‘Seraph of the End’ Anime Episode 3 Review: Yuichiro Shows His Complexity And Cursed Gear

'Seraph of the End' Anime Episode 3 Review: Yuichiro Shows His Complexity And Cursed Gear
'Seraph of the End' Anime Episode 3 Review: Yuichiro Shows His Complexity And Cursed Gear


  Episode 3 “The Demon in Your Heart” This week’s episode is full of exposition again, but because the world building is interesting, it’s still fun to watch.

There may be some predictable plot points in this episode, but the execution is so strong that it’s easy to ignore predictability.

Wit Studio is now deep within several animation projects, but there is definitely no question that the animators there are talented.

This is especially noticeable with the first appearance of Cursed Gear.

Admittedly, Shinoa’s character is a bit irksome in this episode.

In general, I don’t know how much more of her airy voice and emotionless expressions I can take before I become severely disappointed in her characterization.

This is especially true when you compare her to Yoichi, the other periphery character.

Then again, perhaps because Shinoa’s backstory has yet to be revealed, her actions and presentation are not that important yet.

As to be expected, this is still Yuichiro’s story.

This episode highlights some of the emotions that are still running deep within him, despite his tough exterior.

While in last week’s episode I found Yuichiro to be a bit aggravating, this week’s episode features a vulnerability and complexity in Yuichiro that makes him much more likeable.

The end of the episode offers only a brief look at what Mikaela has become since the fateful day of his murder.

It’s a cliffhanger in some ways, but the brief look at who he has become in Yuichiro’s absence.

It seems that when Yu and Mika reunite, there will be a lot of emotions to unpack.

I’m extremely excited to see the juxtaposition between the pair of long lost friends who have had two totally different experiences since the end of the world.

Overall, episode three of “Seraph of the End” was another fantastic episode full of strong character development for Yuichiro and excellent plot structure to suit the exposition necessary for world building.

I look forward to the next episode in particular to see how the show handles Mika’s character.     

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