‘Seraph Of The End’ Anime Episode 1 Review: Yuichiro Learns The Value Of Sacrifice

'Seraph Of The End' Anime Episode 1 Review: Yuichiro Learns The Value Of Sacrifice
'Seraph Of The End' Anime Episode 1 Review: Yuichiro Learns The Value Of Sacrifice

    Episode 1 “The World of Blood Legacy” I have said on several occasions to people who are just starting to get into anime that it is to their benefit to skip the first episode of a series that they seem interested in.

I’ve said this based on the experience that pilots aren’t as important as they are in say, American television where the pilot can make or break the potential for the duration of the series.

That and, I could have lived without the first episode of “Inuyasha,” “Sailor Moon,” “Dragon Ball Z” etc.

Thankfully, “Seraph of the End” does not have this problem of a relatively mediocre first episode.

Instead of simply pushing out exposition in order to get to the main arc of the series, “Seraph of the End” makes its exposition necessary for character development.

That and it was also one of the well-structured first episodes of a fantasy series that I’ve seen since “Sword Art Online’s” first episode.

There’s action, suspense, and quite a bit of emotional development despite the short amount of plot that happens.

In fact, you could call this episode a sort of prologue for the protagonist, Yuichiro.

While certain elements of Yuichiro’s character is a bit clichéd – especially his mental toughness due to experiencing tragedy – the way in which it is revealed is compelling.

There’s a beautiful moment where Yuichiro experiences more growth than he experiences through tragedy: he learns the meaning of sacrifice.

Pictured above, he eats curry with his best friend/brother Mikaela and realizes that Mika sacrificed his blood to give food to his surviving family.

Overall, the first episode of “Seraph of the End” was strong, informative, and emotionally moving.

Not much can be said yet about the plot of the series, but if it flows as well as this first episode did, then “Seraph of the End” will likely be one of the better series of this season.


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