Seoul Police Release Update On Lovelyz Member Seo Jisoo Harassment Case As One Alleged Victim Comes Forward

Seoul Police Release Update On Lovelyz Member Seo Jisoo Harassment Case As One Alleged Victim Comes Forward
Seoul Police Release Update On Lovelyz Member Seo Jisoo Harassment Case As One Alleged Victim Comes Forward

Seoul police officials released a new statement regarding the scandal surrounding  Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo.

The statement, made to Korean media outlets on November 18, revealed that the cyber investigation team had identified the person who had originated the rumors about the girl group member.

Prior to Lovelyz’s debut, accusations of blackmail and sexual harassment against Seo Jisoo flooded the Internet, leading the group’s record label, Woollim Entertainment, to open an investigation against the alleged perpetrators.

Jisoo was unable to partake in Lovelyz’ debut due to shock , according to the company.

“We have identified the person who appears to been the originator of the rumors,” the Seoul Police cyber investigation department said  in a statement reported by Korean media outlet Asia Economy.

“We will summon the person and confirm their identity.” Shortly after the statement, the main victim/accuser in the case, known by the Twitter handle @ Jisooluv,  wrote a lengthy post on Twitter that ended with her saying she would head to the police.

The message explained how she herself feels victimized, since people doubt her honesty about being abused by Seo Jisoo in the past.

Korean netizens have been clammoring for the truth about the disturbing rumors, especially in light of reports that evidence from several of the alleged victims was proven to have been photoshopped, as revealed in a report from Asian Junkie .

The initial reports surfaced immediately before Lovelyz’ debuted, and Woollim Entertainment issued its first statement about the affair on November 9.

“In regards to false rumors being spread on the Internet about Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo,” the company’s statement on Facebook read, “Woollim Entertainment will take strong legal action against the rumors being spread prior to the debut of the member.” Lovelyz debuted on November 11, but Seo Jisoo has not appeared with the other seven members of the girl group since the investigation began.

Woollim Entertainment had previously revealed  in a second statement on November 11, that anybody acquainted with Jisoo would have the pictures that Internet users posted online as proof of victimization by Seo Jisoo.

“Those were photos that anyone could have access to if you were an acquaintance,” the company said.

“There has not been one photo or evidence of harm.

The rumors were spread solely through words and text, as well as easily obtainable photos.” The accusations, posted on social media sites, claimed that Jisoo had been involved in relationships with several women, and that she had verbally abused and blackmailed her lovers with naked photos.

The rumors also claimed that Seo Jisoo had joined Woollim Entertainment to get close to INFINITE members, and had spoken of harassing members of popular K-Pop idol groups, including EXO and INFINITE.

Woollim Entertainment has released multiple statements in regards to the legal investigation, and put its full support behind Seo Jisoo.

The agency determined that it will take full responsibility if any of the multiple allegations against Jisoo are proven to be true.

Despite Woollim Entertainment requesting that the instigators turn themselves over to the police if they’re being honest in their accusations, no person came forward, leading the police to take action and summon the suspect in for questioning.

Despite not performing with Lovelyz, Seo Jisoo did appear in the music video for the group’s debut song, “Candy Jelly Love.”

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