Seo Taiji Jumps On The IU Bandwagon, K-Pop Icon Will Join Singer In New Collaboration

Seo Taiji Jumps On The IU Bandwagon
Seo Taiji Jumps On The IU Bandwagon

Seo Taiji  is playing the IU card as well.

IU, who helped out Sung Si Kyung after coming back from the army, g.o.d who reunited in 12 years, and HIGH4 in their debut album, will be partnering with Seo Taiji.

This time around, it is safe to assume that IU must be the ‘music-chart vaccine’.

Seo Taiji and IU are currently preparing for a collaboration together.

They will be recording two songs and music videos with one theme.

The idea of the collaboration will be telling of sad and beautiful story that happened in 80s from the girl and guy’s perspectives.

IU’s version will be released on October 2; Seo Taiji’s version on October 10.

Something to point out here is that IU’s version is being released first.

That means first pitch of this project will be by IU, putting that much more weight on IU’s shoulders for the collaboration.

Seo Taiji said, “I thought of IU first when I thought of a girl singer who could express this the best and so suggested that she works with me.

She did far beyond my expectations so I’m very happy.”

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