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Seo Ji Hye Reveals How Super Junior Heechul’s ‘Aigyo’ Attempt Failed Big Time When They First Met

Seo Ji Hye Reveals How Super Junior Heechul's 'Aigyo' Attempt Failed Big Time When They First Met

“Jealousy Incarnate” actress Seo Ji Hye recently admitted that her first meeting with Super Junior’s Heechul did not go over so well. The actress made the confession on the show “Life Bar.” According to a report by All Kpop , Seo Ji Hye shared her experience with Super Junior idol when they met 10 years ago. However, Heechul claimed at first that he could not recall the incident because he really thought that it was his first time to meet the actress.
To refresh his memory, Seo Ji Hye said they got in a fight the first time that they met. The actress said that Heechul offended her when he tactlessly brought up the issue of age in their first time to speak to each other. He asked me my age the moment he saw me. I told him I was born in 1984 and he said ‘What a baby’, but he was only a year older than me,” she said. Heechul, in his defense, said that it must have been his way to play cute with Seo Ji Hye. He said he must have been interested in her but the actress insisted that they continued to fight. Heechul playfully countered that it must have been a love fight. While Super Junior’s Heechul may seem forward and confident when it comes to women, the idol earlier admitted that he has ever only had an eye on one girl whom he considers his ideal woman. In an interview on “Taxi”, Heechul admitted that he has been attracted to Wonder Girls’ Sohee since the girl group debuted in 2007. He said that for the past 10 years, he has had his eye on Sohee, who made his heart flutter from the first time he saw her. He also recently felt shy when he was faced with TWICE’s Momo, Koreaboo reported.