‘Secretly Greatly’ Pranks Gone Too Far? MBC Show Suffers Decrease in Viewer Ratings

'Secretly Greatly' Pranks Gone Too Far? MBC Show Suffers Decrease in Viewer Ratings

'Secretly Greatly' Pranks Gone Too Far? MBC Show Suffers Decrease in Viewer Ratings

Is MBC’s “Secretly Greatly” taking it too far? The show has been really getting quite the attention recently for its pranks. For those of you not familiar with the show, “Secretly Greatly” is a kind of a prank show – they use hidden cameras and surprise their celebrity guests. The show recently took flak with the airing of its latest episode. According to Koreaboo , “Secretly Greatly” recently had Henry of Super Junior-M and the actor Sung Hoon as their guest. The duo was asked to join in an underwater photo shoot, which of course was just a pretend.
In their “pretend” underwater photo shoot Henry suddenly [fake] bled while they were going on with the shoot. Not just that, but Henry was also suddenly shaking and appeared to have been electrocuted before turning unconscious. Sung Hoon immediately swam to Henry’s rescue and immediately got back to the pool’s surface. But before things got worse, “Secretly Greatly” host and crew revealed themselves and told Sung Hoon it was just a silly prank. Sung Hoon’s first reaction to this was pissed. He looked really mad for a few seconds to the “Secretly Greatly” host and crew but he suddenly changed his mood and just laughed it off. Because of this “silly prank”, Koogle TV  reports that the show’s ratings have gone down. “Secretly Greatly” is now down to having 6.5% of the viewer ratings while its competitions, SBS’ “Fantastic Duo 2” and KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night” have garnered 8.5%, and 17.7% of viewer ratings, respectively. Super Junior’s Heechul has also stated his side on how he is now having trust issues. He revealed that after being a “Secretly Greatly” host for a while, he has become more suspicious of his friends and colleagues as well. Heechul even expressed that he was scarred too much by the show. To the point that even just eating, in his mind is that he might be recording for “Secretly Greatly”. Poor thing . Watch MBC’s “Secretly Greatly” prank actor Sung Hoon and leave a comment down below. As always, subscribe to KpopStarz’s newsletter (it’s free!) for more K-pop news.

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