SECHSKIES’ First Win In Music Bank, Strong Showing In iTunes, Korean Music Charts Cements Their Relevance In K-pop Music Scene

SECHSKIES' First Win In Music Bank

SECHSKIES' First Win In Music Bank, Strong Showing In iTunes, Korean Music Charts Cements Their Relevance In K-pop  Music Scene

The SECHSKIES may have been the most senior among the contenders in last week’s Music Bank but they proved their mettle against some tough competition when they bagged their first win for their single “Be Well.” The win is especially significant for the group’s members who recently celebrated their 20 th  debut anniversary with a new album. According to a report by Soompi , SECHSKIES’s track “Be Well” was pitted against another strong track from no less than IU featuring BIG BANG’s G-Dragon “Palette”. At the end of the show, it was SECHSKIES who won with 8,031 points. However, they were not present during the show to receive the award in person.
SECHSKIES recently released their 20 th  anniversary album and topped the Apple iTunes charts with their comeback in five countries. The SECHSKIES topped the charts in Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore, All Kpop  reported. The SECHSKIES 20 th  anniversary album also remained strong on Korean charts like MelOn, Genie, Olleh, Soribada, Mnet, and Naver. Their songs have maintained a strong foothold in the top 5 of the charts which is a good sign for the reception to the group’s comeback. In an interview with SECHSKIES members, they said that they are hoping that former member Go Ji Yong will be able to participate in the group’s upcoming activities in promoting their 20 th  anniversary album. However, since they understand that their former bandmate is also busy with the filming of “Return of Superman”, they also cannot force him to adjust to their schedule.  “We would also feel apologetic if we bothered him too much,” SECHSKIES member Eun Ji Won said. “We hope that he can participate in something very important or special in the future.” SECHSKIES members also said that they understand that Go Ji Yong has other priorities now that he has a family, which viewers understand all too well by seeing him on the reality show with his adorable son Seungjae. SECHSKIES 20th anniversary album was released by YG Entertainment and was produced by Future Bounce and Tablo.

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