Scott Stapp News: Creed’s Front Man Scott Stapp Reveals He’s Homeless And Broke Because He Criticized President Obama In A Jarring New Video!

Former lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Creed, Scott Stapp claims he is homeless and facing financial issues because he blasted President Obama during a radio interview on Thursday.

Stapp claims the IRS decided to wreck him following his public expression of disappointment in Obama during a Fox News interview back in 2012.

Stapp, who in 2006 was ranked as the 68th greatest heavy metal vocalist of all time by Hit Parader explains that within two months of his comments about Obama, tax authorities began to freeze his bank accounts.

“I believe that the IRS situation is definitely a result of me expressing my dissatisfaction with President Obama.


100 percent.” Apparently Scott Stapp believes President Obama sic’d the IRS on him as revenge.

Stapp was in conversation with the Roz and Mocha Show on KISS 92.5 Thursday morning in Toronto.

Fifteen years after the band’s Human Clay sold over 11 million copies, Stapp let the world know about how dire his situation is by posting a Facebook video on Wednesday in which he accepted to being broke and homeless after what he explained as massive theft by numerous parties.

After spending weeks in a truck, he is currently living in a Holiday Inn without enough money for food or gas.

Stapp revealed that none of his Creed band mates nor his family and friends contacted him to offer help.

In the lengthy Facebook video, Stapp revealed he is completely broke and is now living in a Holiday Inn.

Scott Stapp, 41, informed his fans that he believes he is the victim of a “vicious financial takeover.” It was reported earlier that his wife claims he is delusional and is trying to get him committed.

Believing President of the United States hangs on every word doesn’t quiet help his case.

In the 2012 tv interview, Stapp claimed he was “disappointed” in Obama and described his administration as “ineffective.”

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