Scandal Season 4 Episode 2 Spoilers VIDEO: Mellie’s Struggle Over Son’s Death Under Scrutiny; Olivia And Fitz Come Face To Face

“Scandal” season 4, episode 2 spoilers show that Mellie’s struggle over the death of her son will be placed under scrutiny as Olivia and Fitz will come face-to-face after her departure.

The video trailer released by ABC offered plenty of spoilers as it reveals that the media will have a heyday reporting on discombobulated Mellie following the death of her son.

The headlines wonder whether the First Lady has gone crazy.

In one scene, Mellie looks like a homeless person talking to herself as she appears to be leaning on the gates of the White House while sitting on the grass.

One headline even screams “Madam First Crazy.” Further “Scandal” season 4, episode 2 spoilers reveal that the White House scampers to contain the damage as a spokesperson says: “The First Lady is grieving, not crazy.

Earlier, it was revealed that Olivia Pope’s father, Rowan Pope, masterminded the killing of Fitz and Mellie’s son.

Last season, Olivia Pope hopped onto the jet with Jake to leave behind Fitz and Washington D.C.

But a danger seems to have embedded itself right in the heart of Washington in the person of Olivia Pope’s father who wanted to take over B613 again.

Harrison figured out the plan which cost him his life.

At the end of the video clip is what fans have been waiting for-Fitz and Olivia meeting again.

According to the “Scandal” season 4, episode 2 spoilers by Cartermatt  the next installment will be titled “State of the Union” and there will be scenes where the show will remind why Fitz is a good president, “even though his wife Mellie continues to struggle with the fact that she is no longer put together in the wake of her son’s death.” The synopsis for “Scandal” season 4, episode 2 reads: “In order for Fitz to make the biggest impact with his State of the Union address on gun control, Cyrus sets out to recruit a power couple (Mary McCormick and Josh Randall) who are influential on the issue.

Meanwhile, Mellie’s personal struggle gets national attention.”

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