‘Scandal’ Season 4 Cast Kerry Washington’s Baby Isabelle All Covered During New York Outing; Olivia Pope Says New Scandal Inspired Clothing Line Brings Out Users’ Inner Gladiator

“Scandal” season 4 cast Kerry Washington’s baby Isabelle was all covered during her recent New York outing, as Olivia Pope’s alter-ego said that the new Scandal-inspired clothing line brings out everybody’s inner Gladiator.

The British tabloid MailOnline   published a series of photos of “Scandal” season 4 cast Kerry Washington stepping out of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York last Tuesday followed by her husband Nnamdi Asomugha and a nanny who cradled their five-month-old baby daughter, all covered in baby blanket, in her arms.

“Kerry looked impeccable as always casually attired in a neutral sweater wrap, rolled up boyfriend jeans and a pair of navy blue leather ankle boots,” the tabloid said.

On the other hand, the NFL player was casually dressed in denims, Nike trainers, and a black windbreaker over t-shirt.

Meanwhile, “Scandal” season 4 cast Kerry Washington launched the 42-piece The Scandal Collection for fashion retailer, The Limited.

The 37-year-old actress said that the new Scandal-inspired collection allows almost everyone to dress like a Gladiator.

“There are women who can literally afford to dress like Olivia Pope, and I don’t know how, because those clothes are very, very, very expensive,” she said, according to  Detroit News .

“There are other people who can’t, and there is no reason why only the people who make a certain amount of money should have access to this feminine power in fashion, you know? This line is created so that everybody can find their own inner gladiator,” she added.

“Scandal” season 4 cast Kerry Washington said that every woman needs to feel “powerful and sexy, brilliant and smart and gorgeous.” But in real life, however, Kerry Washington said that she’d never dressed like Olivia as she confirmed when she guested on “Good Morning America.” “It’s way too weird.

I’d never wear her clothes.

You know me.

I don’t dress like Olivia,” she said, per MailOnline.

 “I’ve been able to define in many ways when I’m Olivia and when I’m Kerry, based on the clothes.”

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