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SBS’s ‘Whisper’ Television Series Update: Takes The Top Spot In Viewers Rating And A Possible Series Extension

SBS's 'Whisper' Television Series Update: Takes The Top Spot In Viewers Rating And A Possible Series Extension

SBS’s “Whisper” without a doubt reign once again in maintaining the top spot for viewership ratings later this month, the said fifth episode of the television series achieved an overall 14.9 percent viewership rating. Although it is said that a 0.1 percent decrease from the previous episode, “Whisper” was still able to maintain the first place among the Monday-Tuesday dramas due to its intense, exciting and engaging storyline.
The said MBC’s ” Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People ” came out to be the second place in the spot with a 12.7 percent rating followed by the KBS 2TV’s “Perfect Wife” with a 5.6 percent viewership rating, although a two percent above from the other drama series it is still believed that the “Whisper” never fails to make showcase the intense way as possible. The said latest episode of the “Whisper” revealed to have a more intense storyline, Lee Bo Young’s character was able to save Lee Sang Yoon’s character in the television series, but unfortunately, he did not escape unharmed and almost killed due to stabbed wounds. Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon will also share a kiss as she covered his wound with her hand, the suspense and the romance contributed a lot of its top rating and make it more exciting than the usual the fans will sure watch out for it. The most intense episode coming out and the more exciting one in the following days although the said “Whisper” television series will have its final episode in May, it is also revealed that the management is talking about the possible extension of it though it is not legitimate. SBS’s “Whisper” is expected to end after 17 episodes as the drama will not air on May 9 due to the presidential election ballot count broadcast, this could mean that the last episode will end on a Monday, May 22, and not on Tuesday, May 23.